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Ed Sweeney & Yang Wei concerts this past July in Taiwan

Jul 5, 2014   //   by edsweeney   //   blog, news  //  1 Comment

My friend Yang Wei called me from Taiwan one Saturday morning in May. “If I can arrange a couple of concerts would you come to Taiwan?” he asked.

Saying yes was never in question. There was no way I’d turn down a chance to perform with a friend. Taiwan promised a new adventure – new country, new language, new people to meet, new music to learn – and I was able to share it with my wife, Tracie.

I love performing for many reasons, but perhaps most importantly it exposes me to people and experiences outside of my daily routine.

Yang Wei and I performed two concerts in the Taichung area.  The first was at the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden. As I warmed up, it struck me that I was, perhaps, the only old-time banjo player ever to play on that centuries-old stage. That was humbling. The second concert was at the Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House.

From our first day in Taiwan to our last, I encountered acceptance and inclusion. My Chinese is terrible to say the least. But everyone I met – from the curator of the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion, to Facebook friends I had only “known” online, to our hostess and benefactor Fei Lee,  and of course Yang Wei – made sure that Tracie and I were welcomed and included in everything. The audiences were kind and open to the music we presented. I feel such gratitude.  My life has been so changed and enriched by every one of the amazing people we met.


Group Photo

Just some of the wonderful people who helped make the Taichung concerts a reality. Click on photo for bigger version.


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