The Long Shot was ignored!

I usually don't watch the Kentucky Derby, but how could I resist watching the replay of the "biggest long shot ever!"

What struck me was how the announcer completely missed what was going on in real time.

The announcer's "blinders"…

Are we in tune?

I performed at a Christmas Open House for a museum a few months ago.  A dear friend stopped by to listen. She mentioned that she was surprised I didn’t have an electronic tuner on my instruments.  At most of…

A Full Circle

In 1988 I released an instrumental Christmas recording Inside Fezziwig's, The Spirit of Christmas Past  on Kicking Mule Records. Inside Fezziwig’s received great reviews as well as national and international airplay. 

A couple of years later Inside Fezziwig’s

This is My Tree

This is my tree.

I try to take a morning walk walk along the Blackstone River Bike Path. Every day there are changes to see if I listen and watch the world around me.

Every morning I walk I check…

Lessons Learned

The New Year is the traditional time for reflection.  As I try and map this new year in front of me, this is what I have come to realize over the past few weeks. 

Chance encounters have had a large…

The Limits of Imitation

If imitation the highest form of flattery, I freely admit I am trying to flatter many, many musicians.

I was blown away the first time I heard blind blues guitarist Paul Pena play. I was a teenager, and his band…