A Full Circle

In 1988 I released an instrumental Christmas recording Inside Fezziwig's, The Spirit of Christmas Past  on Kicking Mule Records. Inside Fezziwig’s received great reviews as well as national and international airplay. 

A couple of years later Inside Fezziwig’s

This is My Tree

This is my tree.

I try to take a morning walk walk along the Blackstone River Bike Path. Every day there are changes to see if I listen and watch the world around me.

Every morning I walk I check…

Lessons Learned

The New Year is the traditional time for reflection.  As I try and map this new year in front of me, this is what I have come to realize over the past few weeks. 

Chance encounters have had a large…

The Limits of Imitation

If imitation the highest form of flattery, I freely admit I am trying to flatter many, many musicians.

I was blown away the first time I heard blind blues guitarist Paul Pena play. I was a teenager, and his band…