Mary King & Ed Sweeney

Mary King is the recipient of a 2018–2019 and 2019 - 2020 grant from the Southern New England Apprentice Program as a Master Celtic Harpist.  As Mary has said,“I love every moment I play; the harp is a wonder – sweet, soulful yet also  bursting in excitement with great rhythms  and gorgeous melodies. I feel blessed to play at so many memorable times in peoples lives.”  Mary King’s parents came from Ireland which gave her a real love of Celtic music. That love of music has been her pathway to other genres of music. 

Mary performs at over 100 events each year. Mary’s performances include her playing the Celtic Harp, Fiddle, Appalachian Dulcimer and a few other instruments.

 Ed Sweeney draws upon a potpourri of musical styles, instruments (6 & 12 String guitar, 5 string banjo & fretless banjo) and songs.  Ed uses his musical expertise, breadth of knowledge, and wonderful sense of humor to help listeners come to understand the motivations, stories, and culture that have made us what we are today. Ed has earned accolades throughout the United States, Canada, parts of Europe and Taiwan. Reviewers call him “a master of unpretentiousness” and “delightfully fresh.”

Since 2018 Mary King and Ed Sweeney have been performing songs from the times of Stephen Foster with the humor of Mark Twain in libraries, community centers and other venues throughout New England. 

For Booking or Additional Information 
 Mary King at (401) 500-0234  or
 Ed Sweeney call/text (401) 497-4675 or email:

It was a pleasure having you both here and the program was just wonderful. We had quite a wide range of ages, and they all seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. The music you performed was just the right scale for a library concert, and I loved that you had people sing along, which, as you explained, was how the songs were meant to be experienced. ” - Jessica Wilson

— South Kingstown Public Library/Peace Dale

An Evening of Foster and Twain is wonderful show. Mary King and Ed Sweeney bring genuine enjoyment and deep affection to the words and music of 19th century masters Stephen Foster and Mark Twain. Through Mary and Ed, they come alive and reveal the passions, riddles, and confidences of a time and place that’s both familiar and unlike anything we know today.” - Wil Gregersen

— Community Services Librarian Warwick Public Library