Partington & Sweeney

Mary Lee Partington was the voice, songwriter and tunesmith for the internationally acclaimed New England-based group Pendragon. In addition, Mary Lee's award-winning music was featured in the National Park Service series Along the Blackstone. 

Partington & Sweeney  tell stories of immigrants, farmers and factory workers during 19th & 20th century America, where self-educated mill girls earn their own keep, an orphan endures to tell her tale, where old ballads have taken root and where migrants go farther west.


I just listened to this and I loved it! This old New Englander's ears perked up hearing these gorgeous songs” - Wanda Adams Fisher - Hudson River Sampler WAMC

Rehearsal Videos

I just listened to this 3 times back2back this afternoon through 3 different sound sources. This is the Christmas stocking stuffer you are going to want to for you now and one for someone later. Such very rich sounds both instrumentally and vocally, it will instantly place you in a vibration of euphoria and keep you suspended there, your mind tracing all the words of the lyrical stories, and pondering how you feel every sense of your mind, body, and soul elevating. THIS is a must have. Dang this is stellar indeed. Finally some freakin real music coming out of the ashes of Summer to move the mings & spirit forward. We are so lucky. Thank you kind Sir and very finely kept company” - Josephine Elle

— Heart2SoulRadio - Portland Oregon