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Ed Sweeney,  with his 6-string guitar, 12-string guitar, 5-string banjo and fretless banjo and a wide-ranging repertoire, has driven over 600,000 miles performing throughout the US and Canada in theatres, concerts, coffee houses, schools, clubs, tea houses, festivals, house concerts, — almost any venue imaginable. His concerts and recordings have earned numerous accolades throughout the United States, Canada, parts of Europe and Asia. Reviewers call him “a master of unpretentiousness”, “delightfully fresh” and “shouldn’t be missed”.

Ed Sweeney's wry, articulate, and evocative singing, his exquisite musicianship, and his eclectic collection of obscure songs shouldn't be missed”

— the Binghamton (NY) Sun

Sweeney creates a cozy, loving atmosphere by tempering his instrumental virtuosity with a welcome dose of modesty.”

— The Boston Herald

Sweeney's rarities are real treats. He has culled songs from a variety of sources and adapted them to an acoustic folk format”

— The Syracuse Herald American

Sweeney is a master of unpretentiousness.”

— The Boston Globe

What a rare treat it is to find a folk singer with a folk act in the style of the '50s and '60s”

— The Star Ledger (Norfolk, VA)

Ed Sweeney has a remarkable gift of gab, and the ability to pick gems from the songpile. When he appeared here he was an instant success.”

— The Eel River Music Camp, Alderpoint, California

Sweeney is obviously an old hand at making an audience feel good inside. Midway through the performance, it began to appear that in these "obscure songs" Sweeney had found a counter balance to the insidious effects of monoculture and computerization”

— Rhode Island College

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