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I didn't expect anonymous fame

I like to think I know what I am doing. I want to believe I can manifest my artistic future. Yet experience has taught me that I always wind up in a different place than where I thought I would…

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10 Questions - Indie Musician Interview

A few weeks ago BWH Music Group sent out a call to independent artists for Christmas Music. Starting December 1st they will be playing Christmas Music 24/7 on their network. 

Three selections from each of my instrumental Christmas recordings "Inside…

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A Surprising Email about Disney


I received an ego boost the other night with the arrival of an email via my website.  The writer had been compiling a list of tracks played at Disneyland's Frontierland between 1992 – 2012 and came across my track The

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Old Music? New Music? This isn't a contest.

I recently returned from the Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City. A phrase I heard from a few artists and venues was that I play Cover Songs! I didn't take this as a compliment.

It used to be…

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Are we in tune?

I performed at a Christmas Open House for a museum a few months ago.  A dear friend stopped by to listen. She mentioned that she was surprised I didn’t have an electronic tuner on my instruments.  At most of…

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A Full Circle

In 1988 I released an instrumental Christmas recording Inside Fezziwig's, The Spirit of Christmas Past  on Kicking Mule Records. Inside Fezziwig’s received great reviews as well as national and international airplay. 

A couple of years later Inside Fezziwig’s

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This is My Tree

This is my tree.

I try to take a morning walk walk along the Blackstone River Bike Path. Every day there are changes to see if I listen and watch the world around me.

Every morning I walk I check…

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