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I have a Zipper


I had finished teaching for the evening. As I walked to my car a group of fiddle students were walking in for their lessons.  I heard a voice say, “I hear you have a zipper too!”.  

She smiled as I…

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Curtain Call

When you connect to something artistically it can produce an emotional response as strong as religious faith. Sometimes, for me, those responses are physical. My mother would tell stories of how hard it was to bring me to Sunday Mass…

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I didn't expect anonymous fame

I like to think I know what I am doing. I want to believe I can manifest my artistic future. Yet experience has taught me that I always wind up in a different place than where I thought I would…

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10 Questions - Indie Musician Interview

A few weeks ago BWH Music Group sent out a call to independent artists for Christmas Music. Starting December 1st they will be playing Christmas Music 24/7 on their network. 

Three selections from each of my instrumental Christmas recordings "Inside…

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A Surprising Email about Disney


I received an ego boost the other night with the arrival of an email via my website.  The writer had been compiling a list of tracks played at Disneyland's Frontierland between 1992 – 2012 and came across my track The

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Old Music? New Music? This isn't a contest.

I recently returned from the Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City. A phrase I heard from a few artists and venues was that I play Cover Songs! I didn't take this as a compliment.

It used to be…

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Are we in tune?

I performed at a Christmas Open House for a museum a few months ago.  A dear friend stopped by to listen. She mentioned that she was surprised I didn’t have an electronic tuner on my instruments.  At most of…

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