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Ed Mill Shot

Ed Mill Shot

Ed Sweeney - Banjo

Ed Sweeney - Banjo

Ed Sweeney  - Live

Ed Sweeney - Live


Ed Sweeney Live Performance in Upstate New York 161 KB
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Ed Sweeney has a remarkable gift of gab, and the ability to pick gems from the songpile. When he appeared here he was an instant success.”

— The Eel River Music Camp, Alderpoint, California


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Ed Sweeney's wry, articulate, and evocative singing, his exquisite musicianship, and his eclectic collection of obscure songs shouldn't be missed”

— The Binghampton (NY) Sun

Sweeney creates a cozy, loving atmosphere by tempering his instrumental virtuosity with a welcome dose of modesty.”

— The Boston Herald